If agreed with the respective customer, we ensure an emergency service for cooling systems and reefer containers on 24 hours / 7 days a week.

We help all our other depot customers, who are not HCCR-Partner in a 24/7 emergency service agreement, in emergency situations, if we have sufficient capacity at the requested times. Please contact below Emergency service hotlines:

24 hour reefer emergency AWD / CTB Emergency phone: +49 (40) 0176 3088 1165

24 hour reefer emergency CTA Emergency phone: +49 (40) 0176 3088 1926

24 hour reefer emergency and cooling systems Emergency phone: +49 (40) 0176 3088 1163

In absence of a special emergency service agreement, the following rates and General Terms of Contract (GTC) apply.

If you are not (yet) a depot customer and have the wish to use our emergency services for cooling-, ventilation- and air conditioning-systems, please contact our sales department (Contact to Head of Sales at the bottom of the Page).